Friday, October 22, 2004

My Platform - Canada - Federalism

Here is the platform. Being Canada, we can start with the federalism question.....

I like the Queen. She seems like a nice lady, with an uncanny ability to wave. She is not Canadian. She is not my Queen.

We need a President folks. Our government lacks accountability because we don't have an effective executive branch. This is where the President comes in. The Republic of Canada would make our lives easier, stop the whining about provincial concerns and create a spot where the buck can finally stop.


Sir John A said that his job was 'cabinet maker'. This is the problem. Our department of Security is headed by a law professor, our sport department by another lawyer, our health ministry, you guessed it.... lawyer. There is nothing wrong with lawyers, but it does a disservice to Canada to have laymen in charge of complicated government departments. We need to get MP's out of this job so that the departments are headed by professionals.

This also allows the MP's to concentrate on what they were elected for. Not being in charge of a department, but representing a constituency. They could do this full time. As I understand it, this would not even require a constitutional change, but a change in silly traditions. This could be done by the end of next week if any one had the political will!

Executive Branch

Do you know who the CEO of Canada is? Paul Martin? Maybe, but more likely the Clerk of the Privy Council. Either way, it is not clear. The US does not have this problem. Love him or hate him, the President is in charge. That is how it should be. An elected CEO, independent of the legislature would be a huge step forward for Canada.


Sure Ontario would hate it, but the EEE idea has merit. Have a Senate that matters, that is elected less often than the other house (for stability) and can actually do something. The Senate committee structure could also wield considerable power over appointments made by the CEO. (Confirmation hearings)


The feds should get out of their way in general. However they should vehemently demand reporting standards. If you get federal money, the feds should publish your performance metrics on that particular program. Then, the good people of Manitoba, or Nunavut or BC can decide for themselves.

The provinces should act in return on this promise and get out of immigration and any inkling of foreign affairs. Mind your damn business!

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