Saturday, March 19, 2005

Tories Hang Out

The tories were better off split apart. They got more votes, they got along better and they did not have to pretend. Poor (albeit fetching in a metallic power suit) Belinda Stronach. She tried to pull the party back from the social conservative-whacko precipice only to be outshouted by Elsie Wayne. Tough break Belinda. Stay hot.

The other consistent element of the convention seemed to be whining farmers. Asking for a constitutional amendment to protect property rights, and more aid. "We have to help our farmers" the assembly decried. Why no outcry for the demise of the family corner store? Perhaps the family hardware story? This family owned business is among the most heavily subsidized in the world, and they still demand more help, while at the same time demanding independence through property rights amendments. Free markets are great, but they have to be in place even after a hailstorm. Either all the time, or not at all farmers. Pick one.

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