Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Free Emery!

The Canadian blogosphere appears to have gone apoplectic regarding the arrest of Marc Emery.

Many among them have huge problems with US drug policy and the DEA in general. Fair enough.

Many more have problems with us ceding our sovereignty to the US. They are out of their minds! Our Department of Justice authorized this, our judge will adjudicate the US extradition request. Our sovreignty is completely in tact here. If someone has a problem with the decision of our government or the extradition treaty with the US, vote for someone who will change them. Your vote is still the deciding factor here, and thus our sovreignty is still completely in tact.

Canada ignored the selling of seed for 9 years. If it is against the law here, we should try him here, not hand him over to the USA.

Most of us agree he could be found guilty here and likely get a year or suspended sentance.

In the US he will get 10 years or life for something that is considered more along the lines of a minor offense here.
I agree that the potential sentence in the US is a problem. However, we can hold out for a guarantee that it won't be excessive (like we often do with capital punishment cases). My point here, is that if our government makes that decision, it is OUR government making it and thus not hurting our sovreignty.
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