Thursday, August 04, 2005

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

I am sure that Mme Jean is a fine person and an accomplished broadcaster and filmaker. Sometimes Adrienne Clarkson got on my nerves with her pomposity, but overall she did a reasonable job in the role of GG. However, either one is a mistake as a selection.

The reason that they are bad choices for the role of GG is that EVERYONE is a bad choice. The job is an unecessary figurehead position that binds our consitution to the British crown. We don't need one and shouldn't want one. The role of GG (or President in a republic) should be elected and thus finally properly seperating our legislative and executive branches of government.

I have nothing against the UK, HRH ERII or even HRH Charles, but they are not Canadians. A foreign citizen should not have the power to dismiss the Prime Minister and be the Commander in Chief of our armed forces. I certainly hope that we take the end of the Jean GGship as the end of the archaic office of the appointed head of state.

BTW - Many out there (I'm talking to you Kate) are complaining about the audacity of the "Libranos" to make this appointment based on political expediency. Guess what, your guy would have done it too. Don't hate the playa, hate tha game.

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