Sunday, August 21, 2005

The United States of America....... Yes or No

I am Canadian. Proudly.
My wife is American. Proudly.
I love Canada.
I love the United States.

I agree with almost half of America on almost all issues. I disagree with almost half on most.

I have more in common with my in-laws in Madison, WI than I do with my compratriots in my home town of Peace River, Alberta. My wife has more in common in our neighbours in Gatineau, Quebec than she does with her compratiots in Little Rock, AR.

Treating the US as a giant Republican blob will not help us get along with them, understand them, or play nice with them. We have a lot in common with our US neighbours and a great deal at stake in our relationship. Get to know your friendly neighbourhood American. You won't have 100% in common with them, but you will have an awful lot in common indeed.

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