Sunday, September 04, 2005

Katrina - Part III - The US Reaction

I think that Paul Krugman has it about right. For him the issue of the US government's reaction to Katrina was not a matter of race, class or anything else. It was a case of an administration that is not terribly concerned with governing. To quote Saturday Night Live "Presidenting is hard". Harder, in fact than Commander-in-Chiefing or running for President. This administration has not stopped running for President since the first inauguration and shows no signs of stopping, despite the tricky constitutional issue prohibiting him from running again.

If Doucheblog's sources (daily kos?) are correct (big if) then the President has sunk to a new low, in assembling a levee reconstruction team to work behind him, for only the time that he was on the scene, packing up as soon as he and the cameras left the area. Again, more evidence of an administration that is not interested in getting anything done other than getting elected.

The death toll from this administration is getting hard to count. Asleep at the wheel on 9/11, a highly questionable war in Iraq and now this. Presidenting is hard indeed.

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