Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Because I Could

Honesty, integrity and the 'culture of entitlement' are sure to be huge issues in the election. The fact is that they all of these issues have affected every party in power in every province and territory. They are not unique to the Liberals.
They are not even unique to politics.
When normal, fallible people are exposed to the chance to take a bunch of money, have their driveway done for free, or go out with women that they normally would not have a chance with they tend to take it. Humanity is fallible.
We have to fix the system, not the people in it. Changing the people will only go so far. Changing the system to make the piles of money disappear would do more than anything.
Ask the guy that knocks on your door how he will change the system, and not just how he will be different than 'those crooks in Ottawa'.

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