Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Today on the Trail

Harper had a big day. The same sex marriage talk was a big deal. There are only a few possible explanations for this:
Layton pandered to the undergrad set at U of T.

I hope that Layton does not think that he can just promise to cut cheques. This has been the classic NDP mistake. The thing is, the good people of Canada can do math, and realize that if you promise eleventy gagillion dollars to everything (even if valid) you will run out of eleventies and gagillions.

The Bloc refused to run away from the PQ. The winning conditions are quickly becoming a huge issue. Unity has never really been an election issue (as I remember it), it was always a between-elections thing. It will interesting to see how that plays out.

The Greens got going today. The challenge is still going to be making the transition from 'raisers of the debate' to 'winners of the election'. Presumably, the full platform will help them more than most parties, who have already staked out most of their position during the minority.

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